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System Settings


In the Heimgard app, you can choose when you want to be notified. Here you will find settings for push, SMS, and email notifications.

Different people want different alerts from their smart home. For some, it’s enough to be notified if detectors for fire, water, gas, or carbon monoxide are triggered, while others want ongoing updates about most things that happen.

In the Heimgard smart home app, you fortunately have the opportunity to choose for yourself what you want to be notified about, and where you want to be notified.

Settings for alerts in the Heimgard app can be found by pressing
…More (in the main menu at the bottom right corner) > Personal customization > Notifications

You can be notified of the following events

Security alarm Triggered
Security alarm silenced
Security alarm silenced by
Fire alarm triggered
Fire alarm silenced
Flooding alarm triggered
Flooding alarm silenced
Gas alarm triggered
Gas alarm silenced
Co alarm triggered
Co alarm silenced
Device online
Device offline
Device left
Hub rebooted
Client removed
New Client
Device low battery
Hub low battery
Hub AC returned
Hub AC lost
Device power lost
Device power returned
Modem problem
Recording limit on camera
Recording limit removed

Notification settings for each individual event are made under Advanced settings at the bottom of the page.

Push – SMS – E-post

Push notification | You receive a push message on your phone in line with notifications from other apps such as Facebook.

SMS | The alert is sent as an SMS to the number you have registered in the notification menu.

Email | You will receive an email with the alert to the email address registered in the notification menu.

Accidents can just as well happen when you are away.

Expand your smart home with safety detectors from Heimgard, and get notified wherever you are if unforeseen events should occur.

Heimgard Vannlekkasjesensor

  • Vannlekkasjer koster tid og penger
  • Unngå følgeskade i hus og hjem
  • Bli varslet der du er

Heimgard Røykvarsler

  • Mobilvarsling via Heimgard Hub
  • Kjøp fler, spar mer

Heimgard Karbonmonoksid Detektor

  • Unngå kullosforgiftning
  • Til hus, hytte, båt og campingvogn

Heimgard Detektor for Brennbar Gass

  • Oppdag gasslekkasjer
  • For brennbar gass som propan