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30. November 2021

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for Heimgard App Version 1.1 Updated November 11th. 2021


Heimgard Technologies AS (“Heimgard Technologies” or “We” or “Us”) offers an Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform allowing you to control your IoT devices, either locally or through the internet, hereafter referred to as the “Service”.

The Heimgard Technologies IoT platform consists of three main components;

  • The hub communicating with your IoT devices
  • The app controlling the hub
  • The cloud solution relaying data from your app to your hub when you are away from your local network, and storing anonymous usage data.

We take you security and privacy serious. Heimgard Technologies policy is to make it as difficult as possible to abuse your personal data. We do this amongst others through the following means:

  • An authorization system that does not require personal information in order to function. In order to enable extra functionality (like push notifications), the users may provide some personal information.
  • We strive not to store any of your personal data (including, but not limited to, name, phone number, home address and email) or data that could be used to identify our users in our cloud solution. This ensures that it is not possible for Heimgard Technologies to sell or abuse your personal information or to lose it in case of a break in.
  • Any transfer of personal information is encrypted, end to end, through the cloud solution. Such information may only be decrypted by the sender or the recipient, making it impossible for our cloud or anyone else to obtain the information.

Since some functionality is not possible to provide without storing personal information in the cloud. E.g. to provide an SMS push notification on your phone when your hub is offline, we need to obtain and store your phone number. All such functionality is enabled only with your prior consent.

This privacy policy contains information you are entitled to in connection with the collection of your personal data, where you provide such data. The Service is subject to Norwegian law, and Heimgard Technologies will process your personal data in accordance with the privacy legislation applicable.

1. When Heimgard Technologies processes personal data and for what purposes

Heimgard Technologies uses a pre shared generated encryption called public key cryptography. This means that you may use the Service without registering an account and supplying Heimgard Technologies with personal information such as name, contact information etc.

However, even though the use of the Service does not require an account, Heimgard Technologies may in some circumstances, as described above, collect information that may identify you. The purposes of collection of such information are in particular:

  • to fulfil our agreement with you, i.e. to enable you to use the Service;
  • to improve our services, the content of the App and other relevant platforms, including collection and processing of personal data to provide you with statistics, administration and marketing of the Service;
  • to respond to your questions or inquiries;
  • to send you push notices through the Service, in the app, or through email or SMS notices that you have signed up for;
  • to notify you of new and other services from Heimgard Technologies;
  • to notify you of changes to the Service, the Terms and Conditions or to this privacy policy;
  • investigations, prevention and protection against violations of this privacy policy or the Terms and Conditions, fraud or other potential threats to our, your or third parties rights;
  • to comply with all applicable rules and regulations; and
  • for any other purposes for which we will notify you specifically at the time of collection or as otherwise described in this privacy policy or as permitted or required by law, rule, regulation or any other legal process.

2. What kind of information we collect

The types of personal information Heimgard Technologies may collect is name, physical address, email address, phone number and other contact information. Heimgard Technologies may also collect your IP address and other information about your unit for administration purposes.

3. Legal basis

Processing your personal data requires your consent or other legal basis. Consent to processing may be given upon request from Heimgard Technologies and/or by your voluntarily submittal of the information to Heimgard Technologies.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us or by changing your settings in the Service.

Certain use of the Service may be dependent on Heimgard Technologies processing of personal information, upon your consent, and that a withdrawal of consent may make it impossible for Heimgard Technologies to provide the Service, partly or completely.

Heimgard Technologies only retains your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) as mentioned above.

Except as described in this privacy policy, Heimgard Technologies will not transfer, sell, rent or trade your personally identifiable information to others without your express consent, unless such obligation is imposed by law or binding court order.

4. Third Party Services – Disclosure of personal data

You may choose integrate third parties’ services (“Third Party Services”) in the Service. Suppliers of such Third Party Services should have their own privacy policies. Even if Heimgard Technologies upon your request may share personal data with such third parties, Heimgard Technologies is not responsible for Third Party Services. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with Third Party Services’ privacy policies and terms of use.

Except as described in this privacy policy, Heimgard Technologies will not transfer, sell, rent or trade your personally identifiable information to others without your express consent, unless such obligation is imposed by law or binding court order.

5. Protection of your personal data

Heimgard Technologies takes the privacy rights of its users seriously and has taken reasonable steps to protect the user’s privacy, including physical, technical and organizational measures, to prevent loss, alterations, theft and unauthorized access to information.

If you wish to know more about Heimgard Technologies security approach, please refer to our security white paper, which is available here: [LENKE TIL ELLER ANGIVELSE AV HVOR “SECURITY WHITE PAPER” ER TILGJENGELIG FOR BRUKERNE].

6. Modifications to the privacy policy

This privacy policy may be subject to changes. The current version of Heimgard Technologies privacy policy will be available at https://heimgard.com/privacy?lang=en . We urge you to keep up to date with the current privacy policy. Heimgard Technologies will notify the user of any changes to the privacy policy that requires your consent.

Continued use of the Service after such changes are effectuated or upon receipt of notice of any material changes will constitute acceptance of those changes and you will be bound by the new policy upon your continued use of the Service. Please refer to the “Last Updated” section below to see when this privacy policy was last updated.

7. Your rights

You have the right to request access to your personal data stored by Heimgard Technologies in relation to the Service. You may ask Heimgard Technologies to delete your personal data. However, this may result in partial or complete malfunction of the Service.

Further, you may contact Heimgard Technologies if: (a) you have any questions or comments relating to this privacy policy, (b) you have questions or wish access to your personal data stored by Heimgard Technologies, (c) you have questions or wish to correct any errors in the information that Heimgard Technologies has stored about you, (d) you no longer wish to receive emails from Heimgard Technologies, such as newsletters etc. or (e) you wish to withdraw your consent to the collection, processing, use or disclosure of your personal data to third parties.

8. Contact us

Heimgard Technologies AS, Postbox 1618 Vika, 0119 Oslo, Norway,
Epost: privacy@heimgard.com