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Here, you can find frequently asked questions and what most people wonder about when it comes to smart home systems from Heimgard.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy products from Heimgard?

You can purchase the smart home solutions from Heimgard at Heimgard.com, as well as through selected partners.

Where can I download the Heimgard Smart app?

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for iOS. Please find the download links in the footer of the page.

What happens if I experience a power outage or lose my internet connection?

If you choose Heimgard Hub Pro, you will have a backup battery and a built-in SIM card for 4G backup. During 2023, network backup will require an active subscription. This ensures that you always have access to your system. Heimgard Hub Pro needs to be configured with an Access Point Name (APN) to activate the SIM card.

Do I need a professional installer to set up a smart home system from Heimgard?

The quick answer is No. Heimgard is primarily a system that you can install yourself. Some devices may require an authorized installer, which will be indicated on the product page. Installation services are only available when purchasing through our affiliated installation partners.

What services are offered in Heimgard’s apps?

The service offerings are continuously evolving to meet tomorrow’s needs. You can find information about our services by visiting this page., also listed in the Support section.

What is Heimgard?

Heimgard is a next-generation smart home system that emphasizes flexibility and security. Learn more by visiting the “About Us” section in the footer.

How can I benefit from a connected home solution from Heimgard?

With smart home technology from Heimgard, you can easily control your home’s electrical appliances from your phone, switch panel, or even using voice commands.

Instead of talking about components and protocols, at Heimgard, we focus on simplifying everyday life by offering complete solutions for keyless access, security and alarm, energy-saving solutions, indoor climate and the freedom to control your home or cottage no matter where in the world you are.

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How can I reset my Wattle electronic door lock to factory settings?

Wattle® Touch og Wattle Smart®

Wattle® Pro

Reset the Zigbee RF-module to pair the to your Heimgard Smart system

NOTE: If you have a Heimgard Smart Electronic Door Lock, you will find the recipe for resetting the lock and activate pairing mode in the user manual.

What can I do if I experience returning issues with the Heimgard Smart app?

First of all you should have a look at our Support Web to see if there are any known issues listed in our system status announcements.

If you experience issues outside out customer support opening hours, you can try to follow the recipe below:

Try to force a re-start of the app.
Guide iOS (credit Apple)
Video iOS (credit iClarified)

The following guide is made by Samsung for Galaxy phones in specific (credit Samsung)