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HeimgardOS Release Notes

We are excited to announce that HeimgardOS version has been deployed to all units registered for testing. The general market release is scheduled for June 24th.

This release has been added to the QA and testers group for testing.


This release of HeimgardOS version focuses on addressing key issues and enhancing system stability and usability across various hardware types. Anchored on our ongoing commitment to improve network management and device performance, this update includes crucial bug fixes, system optimizations, and security improvements aimed at refining user experience and operational efficiency.

Resolved Issues

Unified Bootloader:
Uboot Unification (#586): CX and HX boards now share a single bootloader version 4003. This resolves previous boot issues, ensuring smoother transitions and consistent behavior across all boards.

CWMP/USP Object Restoration:
X_HEIMGARD_EU Custom Object (#595): Re-added the missing X_HEIMGARD_EU object to the data model, ensuring it functions correctly in version 7.3.0. The configuration file has been moved to the appropriate directory and thoroughly tested.

Ethernet Connection Stability:
HX40 Crashes with CX20 (#574): Resolved an issue where the HX40 system would enter a reboot loop when connected to a CX20 in Agent Mode via Ethernet. The system now remains stable during such connections, improving initial setup and post-setup configurations.

LED Status Indications:
CX20 LED Behavior (#531): Corrected the LED status indicators to reflect the accurate state of the system. The LED will now display a flashing green light during the boot process and only turn solid green once the system is fully ready.

Extended LED Feedback for HX Family (#542): Applied similar LED status corrections to the HX family to provide clear boot-in-progress indications.

Kernel Error Handling:
nl80211 Integer Out of Range (#585):
Addressed the ‘integer out of range’ errors reported by the kernel on devices running as a master with ioWRT vanilla. This fix reduces log spam and stabilizes hostapd operations.

Network Configuration:
HX30 Bridge Mode Configuration (#579):
Fixed an issue where eth1 was not being added to br-lan during the initial boot due to delayed driver loading. The offending line in the setup script has been removed to ensure proper network configuration.

Security Enhancements:
CWMP Port Exposure (#577):
Secured the CWMP ports to only accept connections from the configured CWMP server. This change prevents unauthorized access and enhances the overall security of HeimgardOS devices.

Network Mode Handling:
Netmode Handling via Uboot (#538):
Updated the handling of netmode using the uboot netmode variable to ensure consistent network configurations across different scenarios.

Onboarding Additional Nodes without App: The issue with adding a second node without using the app has been fixed. The app now successfully prompts the onboarding process, ensuring that SLAVE nodes are correctly onboarded and displayed in the topology map.

Routed IPTV Support: Support for routed IPTV has been reintroduced and stabilized in this release.

Timezone Support: Timezone support has been implemented in the Heimgard Connect APP, enhancing rule and action accuracy across various time zones.

Known Issues

Master Node Reboots: In scenarios with numerous Wi-Fi clients and active Wi-Fi roaming, there is a small risk that the master node may reboot. Although this issue is self-correcting, we plan to address it in a future release to enhance system stability.

Issues with Renaming Nodes: In some cases, renaming nodes in the app may result in names being reset to blank. We are currently investigating this issue and will deploy a maintenance release to resolve it as soon as possible.

Cause of Traffic Segmentation on Wireless: Due to low backhaul performance caused by traffic segmentation, this feature is disabled. This means Wi-Fi guest network will not be isolated in a multi-AP environment. Guest network traffic is only isolated on single AP setups.

HX30: This unit is included in the scope of this release; however, it will not undergo testing.

This release addresses several critical issues to improve system stability, security, and user experience. We highly recommend updating to version to benefit from these improvements.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback.