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Keyless access

Full control and reduced costs with Unloc and Heimgard for housing cooperatives and apartment buildings.

Have you ever thought about how the common doors in your building often create hassle and inconvenient access to common areas?

Residents in apartment buildings and other residential complexes are well aware of the complexity related to granting access to the main front door of their building. When there is a need to let in a family member or a plumber, one must either leave the key in a “secure” place (under the doormat?) or coordinate with the caretaker who then needs to spend time letting the visitors in at the right time.

Physical keys are also often lost, with the cost and hassle of replacing them falling on building management. A few replacement keys may not be a big expense but how many lost keys do you allow before replacing the main lock, meaning cutting new keys for every apartment. Now multiply this by the number of apartment buildings you manage, and the cost is substantial.

The complete connected solution for any home.

Heimgard provides a complete smart home solution for houses and apartments, including smart door locks. To create a more seamless user experience and deliver value to our shared customers, we have partnered with Unloc – the official provider of keyless main entrance doors for OBOS, Norway’s largest housing developer.

Unloc is compatible with Heimgard

Unloc specializes in keyless access to any common door in apartment buildings, whether it’s the main entrance door, garage doors, bicycle storage rooms, laundry rooms, or even mailboxes. Unloc works with a wide range of locks, including Heimgard’s electronic door locks.

No more lost keys

Unloc’s unique solution replaces the physical lock and key with the world’s most user-friendly digital, encrypted keys. With the Unloc app, a digital key can be shared with relatives, pet sitters, plumbers, or others who need access to both the main entrance door and inside the apartment.

When there’s no longer a key to lose, there’s no need to replace one – this saves time and money for the housing cooperative or joint ownership.

As a resident, there’s no longer a need to hide keys under the doormat, and the system accurately logs who has entered the building and when. Users also set conditions for the key, so it can only be used once or a few times before it disappears.

By incorporating smart technology into the building and apartments, value is added for the people who live there, creating a safer environment and saving time and costs associated with key management.

The development in modern society is progressing rapidly, and smart technology will increasingly manage our lives more and more.. It’s all about using technology to simplify everyday life and enable a smarter lifestyle, and Heimgard are constantly creating new ways to offer the most seamless user experience for smarter living.

Every home can be smart.
We are here to make it happen!

Completely Flexible, completely secure! Heimgard offers an open smart home platform, allowing you to connect a range of smart products from various brands. This means you can purchase light bulbs from IKEA or Philips Hue, sensors and components from various manufacturers, and even integrate with Hey Google for voice control.

The choice is yours. With the Heimgard app, you can confidently control your connected home. And with the Heimgard Hub, the system’s central intelligence, you have your own little ecosystem where your data is securely stored, minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Lets get started!

Did you know that you can unlock the door with your fingerprint..

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