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Energy management

Smart power saving eases the electricity bill

Heating is the biggest power thief in Norwegian homes. Read how you can easily save power with Heimgard's smart home system - without compromising on comfort. Modern power saving.

More than half of your annual power consumption goes to heating your home. In pure kroner, we’re talking about around 13,000,- per year if you live in what is called an average Norwegian home. But Heimgard, and a little smart power management, will certainly make the power bill good.

Heating costs. For comparison, the annual consumption of your coffee maker, toaster, vacuum cleaner, TV, hairdryer, and your mobile chargers ends up at less than 450,- kroner – in total.

World’s easiest power saving tip
The easiest way to save power is undoubtedly to lower the indoor temperature. For each degree you lower the temperature, you reduce your heating costs by 5 percent. Lowering the indoor temperature to save power may seem ingenious to the one who sees the money drain out of the account, but is rarely popular with the rest of the family. And honestly, a cool indoor climate doesn’t work well in the long run. This is where Heimgard and smart power management – or modern power saving – if you will, come in.

You don’t have to tear down the house
Without major investments, without having to renovate half the house and stretch ugly wires across and across, you can easily control the home’s heat sources with Heimgard’s smart home system. You’ll get far with a Heimgard Hub – the brain of the system – some smart plugs, door and window sensors, and temperature sensors. You download the Heimgard app – which controls them all – for free.

Easy to install
And almost the best of all. You don’t need an installer to make your home smarter. You install everything easily yourself. Guaranteed. If you later want to expand and make home and cabin even smarter, with for example a smart home alarm or electronic code lock, you can do it at your own pace – according to needs and wallet.

Don’t compromise on comfort to reduce the power bill
The cheapest power is the one you don’t use. With Heimgard, and a few “taps” in the app, you can tell your main heat sources that they should lower the temperature at night on weekdays, and increase to a good indoor temperature an hour before you come home from work. You can just as easily create a preset that, for example, lowers the temperature in the whole house when you go away for the weekend. An hour before you come home again, you tell the heat sources that you are on your way. This way you always come home to a comfortable temperature, without heating for the crows while you are away. You don’t have to reduce comfort to reduce the power bill. You avoid the family argument that it’s so cold in the house. And you don’t have to fly around and turn down heaters and underfloor heating throughout the house every time you go away.

Copy paste at the cabin
If you have a cabin, you can do the same there. Heimgard has, among other things, a hub with built-in mobile broadband, perfect for the cabin. It works just as well whether you prefer Telenor, Telia, or another operator. Notify the cabin that you are on your way and that the temperature should go up, and tell the heat sources in your home that they can lower the temperature. When you’re going home again, do the opposite. This way you always arrive at a good and warm cabin, and always home to a room-temperature house. Comfort increases while you save money.

Extra safety at the cabin
And while we’re on the topic of cabins. They are often empty for longer periods of time. With Heimgard, you can easily add an outdoor camera. Then you can monitor the amount of snow and see if the roof needs to be shoveled. With a leak detector in the bathroom and kitchen, you get a message in the app if a water leak should occur. And with a smart electronic door lock, you can quickly let in the cabin neighbor or plumber, if necessary. With a code lock, you can also share one-time codes, which makes it much easier to rent out the cabin in periods you don’t use it, if you wish.

Full freedom of choice. Uncompromising security.
If you didn’t know it before, Heimgard is a Norwegian company that develops smart home solutions for Nordic homes. The technology is completely unique. Heimgard is compatible with many other brands and smart home products such as: IKEA, Philips Hue, Elko, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings. You can freely choose the products you want, and control them all easily from the Heimgard app. At the same time, security is top-notch. All data is stored locally in your Heimgard Hub. Your own little, closed ecosystem where all data is completely private and completely theft-proof. Completely safe, yet completely open. As Heimgard believes next-generation smart homes should be.

Change your power habits
While you are reading this, the power grid in Norway is becoming more and more burdened every day. Electric cars. Electric ferries. Shore power for supply boats and cruise ships. The aquaculture industry and oil platforms will soon get the energy they need via power cables from land. Norway and the world are being electrified. It provides fresh air and less emissions of greenhouse gases. Good for everyone, except the existing power grid. There it is starting to get crowded. The network must be improved, and the power consumption of Ola and Kari must be distributed more throughout the day. We creatures of habit must therefore change our power habits. Then both carrot and stick are needed.

New power price regime
Now, most homes and holiday homes in Norway have had AMS meters installed. New price models have been introduced with the aim that the total consumption should be distributed more throughout the day. Simply explained, the solution is that the electricity price will be significantly more expensive when everyone uses a lot of electricity at the same time, and significantly cheaper in the periods when electricity consumption is low. Like at night. Quite natural price politics. But nasty for us creatures of habit.

With Heimgard, it will be alright
If you live in a home without the possibility of balancing power consumption, you will quickly notice the new power price regime in your wallet. With Heimgard and a HAN power consumption meter, you will be able to monitor your power consumption in real time. Set up rules, so that your home is preheated when the electricity price and the grid rent are lower. Ask the water heater to heat the water in the morning or evening. Not in the morning or at dinner times, when the electricity price is at its highest. Soon you can also ask the electric car to charge when the electricity is cheapest. And so it will continue. Because only the imagination sets limits to what you can do with a smart home. It’s just to get started.

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